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with the advancement of technology, a new arena of teaching has taken over the old ones. The new style of teaching focuses on online tutoring. Filled with more input and information, online tutoring is the new age teaching procedure that students are embracing wholeheartedly. Online tutoring mainly concentrates on one- to- one teaching instead of teaching large groups of students at a time. Moreover, the availability is flexible as one can approach the classes at the convenience of both teacher and student. Online tutors give their best shot to cultivate the bright side of a student. They encourage and push the students to think out of the box. Like we at Academic Whizard take the onus of motivating each student through our immensely interactive online tutoring classes held by well trained and qualified teachers. Our, mission behind delivering online tutoring is to let students have a clear concept regarding the fundamentals of the subject and also let them think optimistically to fly with excellence.

Online tutoring subjects Overview


Academic Whizard presents your certified Maths teacher with excellence in solving a complicated maths problem. Starting from algebra to calculus, the eligible teachers can solve each one of them following a step by step procedure so that a student can understand easily. Hiring us will be an added advantage as our expert teachers will solve and help you accomplish the maths homework. Assist you in presenting the worksheets and prepare for the maths exam. For plus two students our maths tutors will help you crack the entrance level maths exam as well. So call us anytime with any particular maths question whether its after school or during the late hours as we are available to work round the clock. Price is not a matter for us as we are working for the students and let them have a bright future.


Physics will no more remain a tough subject when you are with Academic Whizard. Gear up to excel and make good grades in each chapter with our excellent online physics tutors. Our physics tutors deal with both students from secondary and college level. They will dig profoundly in each topic so that you can comprehend topics like Newton law, acceleration, velocity, static electricity, buoyancy, density magnitude, and many more without a single doubt in mind. Our tutors will not only help you complete the homework but also assist you to grasp each topic with multiple revision classes. Also, we customize the classes according to the requirement of a particular student as well.


Chemistry is a mystery for many, but Academic Whizard has eligible online tutors with a great command over the subject chemistry. Our online tutors will help you rule the concepts of bases, acids, and also help you deal with the chemistry equation with success. No need to get confused with any of your chemistry topics as the expert tutor at Academic Whizard will offer one to one classes so will have ample time to solve each question. Don’t worry about our professors' credentials as they have certified degrees and will help the student to clear out the exam with excellent grades.


Academic Whizard is here with its online biology classes. As it is online tutoring classes so we offer one to one sessions so that each student learns about the nuances of each chapter in detail. Instead of making it a boring lecture our tutors make it exciting by informing you more outside the textbook knowledge. with a clear intention to make the biology course easier for students, we also intend to offer the online classes any time of the day. We do not want to make fees an issue as we want to make it available for students belonging to different sections of the society.


Economics is an interesting subject with practical insight, but articulation is not only about graphs and figures. Students need to have precise knowledge regarding chapters like demand, supply, elasticity, perfect competition, etc. It is all about the subject matter that students need to grasp. But for commanding that with the confidence you take help from our economics online tutoring classes at Academic Whizard. Our experienced and qualified online tutors will help with homework. At the same time will let you enjoy the classes in a congenial and friendly ambience. Just get going with the classes anytime you want to do because we are there for you 24*7.


Finance a segment of business might seem difficult for students. But we at Academic Whizard does not let you wrestle with either of the topics. Starting from balance sheets to solving other complicated questions related to the annuity, our expert online tutors do with ease. Don’t get scared as the tutors will teach each area in detail. And you can call us any time as we are there 24*7. We help students to ace over the Finance subject with our one- to- one online tutoring classes. Even we customize the classes so that a student can clear confusion related to the subject.

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